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Polish Lithuanian commonwealth divided by Samogost

Map of divided PLC with administrative divisions, late XIX century.

Real size of Africa compared to other countries

The caption read "Real size of Africa compared to other countries" hilarious! Africa is a continent people!

polish_lithuanian_commonwealth_physical_map_by_samogost-d8s6b0u.png (1024×847)

Physical Map of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Top Minority Languages of Europe

Top native minority languages of Europe, by country. The darkness of the country correlates with the percentage of the total population speaking that minority language


The map of the Slavic settlement in VII-VIII century Interesting facts: Look.Polans lived in Kyivan Area and.In Poland ^^ so. SLAVS IN VII - VIII century

Map of Poland-Lithuania at its greatest extent, following the Truce of Deulino (signed on 11 December 1618, in effect on 4 January 1619), which concluded the Polish–Muscovite War (1605–1618) between the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Tsardom of Russia.

Truce of Yam-Zapolsky orange indicates territories recovered by Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

civil registry office Poland - http://www.certificatesfrompoland.com

Administrative division of Congress Poland - Wikipedia

Versailles Treaty - Spartacus Educational entry.

An account of the Versailles Treaty that includes images, quotations and the main facts of the event.

Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth  The biggest mistake they made was having the Szlachta electing the King

The density of the urban network per voivodeship of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth ca. 1650 (Eng) - Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nationalities in East Central and Southeast Europe [2500×1778]

Nationalities in East Central and Southeast Europe [2500×1778]