Elaine Coleman "Bird and Flower Loose Bottle" -Thrown and incised porcelain, blue satin celadon glaze

Sgraffito, Ceramic Pottery, Carving, Piercing, Surface, Stockings, Joinery, Piercings, Sculptures

Tina Vlassopulos is a studio potter based in London producing one off hand built ceramics.

Considering: Sculptural Vases

Tina Vlassopulos is an award-winning studio potter based in London producing one off hand built ceramics and a range of domestic ware called 'echo'. She is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association.

An introduction to making pottery.  http://www.potterymakinginfo.com/pottery-making/

Pottery Making: An Introduction

An introduction to pottery making. Learn how to make your own pottery or discover new pottery techniques to improve your pots.

tips on decorating with slip, including recipes

Slip Trailing for Beginners: An introduction to the slip trailing technique

tips on decorating with slip, including recipes. Using paper clay slip this would be really kool to decorate a paper mache pumpkin.

Penny Evans is an artist and studio potter based out of Lismore, NSW in Australia

Contemporary Indigenous Australian Ceramics & Mixed Media Artwork by Penny Evans Penny Evans is a visual artist based in Lismore, NSW. She creates contemporary ceramics and mixed media art.

I definitely want a few of these. Durable, eco-friendly, bamboo pottery tools.

Traditional Bamboo Pottery Tools by bambootools: Durable, lightweight, ergonomic and green.