Trend Shots por Carlos López Duque: FESTIVAL IBEROAMERICANO DE TEATRO 2014

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set idea for show. okay so entire set is made up of geometric shapes like this. When the whole thing is lit up it is cohesive and able to use as one whole stage. Then you can also light up segments (which will look like picture) which act as mini stages/sets for either one part action to happen (seems like you are 'zooming' in on action) OR as part of lighting show you can light up all the different parts so the stage is part of the lighting design as well.

Pergolesi 's La Serva Padrona from the Teatro Sá de Miranda, Portugal Production by William Oldroyd. Set design by Signe Beckmann.

Andrea Viotti sets - Cerca amb Google The curtains add soooo much

the opera, rusalka. How can anybody say "art is dead" This is damn fine example of why being alive is worth the struggles.



Something of the imaginary, for a contrast to reality - lifted motorway/ cars/ characters/ telephone poles etc. Scenic Design for Oedipus Rex


Wall of water installation by Anna Veronica Janssens. The sheerness and reflections cast by the light create a monochromatic range of colours and the illusion of movement. It almost looks like rippling water at night.


Orpheus & Eurydice set by Clara Nothdurft (fogli semitrasparenti con ombre)