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Thank you to biology for making me look like a nerd when I understand this....

Ameoba hugs!

Biology: Amoeba hugs are often fatal.

I am laughing so hard at this lol

Funny pictures about The Name’s Bond. Oh, and cool pics about The Name’s Bond. Also, The Name’s Bond.

...because you will laugh at this joke.

Are you happy with your current cell provider?

Medical Humor. Is it bad that I not only got the joke but snorted I laughed so hard? No? I didn't think so either.

Not to me but funny thing I heard.Best thing anybody has ever said to get me to kiss them. "there are only two ways to release dopamine.and i don't have any drugs" hehe psychology joke ;


Germ biology research joke poster

Why did the germ cross the microscope? To get to the other slide! Corny jokes are great :)

Well that's just funny  #BMK

Nerd Out: 23 Mostly-Painful Science Puns


Nerd humor :D

A little immunology humor.

Ha!  Science geek humor...

Ha! Where My Nerds At? ;)

science humor and jokes, chemistry

Hahahahah I love that only a few people will get this!!!!!! It's hilarious.

Good to know

Math & Physics, I love when I understand these jokes Nerd alert