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jpg Jamie that this is what I DON'T want. (Can groomer help that dirty look in fur around eyes/his left side of face?

Puppy ponytail

Learn if the Shih Tzu is right for you based on their temperament and grooming needs. Browse photos and find a Shih Tzu breeder or rescue near you.The Shih Tzu is one of the most popular of the Toy breeds.

Pup Looks ‘Extra Cute’ After Nap Researchers at Purdue University are looking into why Alice the Shih-Tzu appears cuter than normal just after a nap. "It’s a physiological property we’ve temporarily dubbed ‘Extra Cute’ while we figure out the appropriate Latin term," says Dr. Khalid Tepper. "Right now we think it has something to do with blinky eyes and wobbly paws, but we have a few more experiments to conduct before anything’s conclusive." Submitted by Amanda Williams.

The Fluffington Post — Pup Looks ‘Extra Cute’ After Nap Researchers at.

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