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The Walking Dead

The walking dead- never thought I could love watching a show about dead people as much as I do when I watch

The Walking Dead

A poster I made for the season of TWD. The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster

34 Hilarious 'Walking Dead' Memes from Season 2

34 Hilarious 'Walking Dead' Memes from Season 2

The Walking Dead road trip: Your 13-stop tour of the show's best filming locations. I am absolutely doing this once I move back to Georgia!!!

'The Walking Dead' Road Trip: Your 13-Stop Tour of the Show's Best Filming Locations

The Walking Dead road trip: Your tour of the show's best filming locations. Time fir a road trip to Georgia!

Don't Look Back. The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes. Carl Grimes. TWD. Beth Greene. Mika Lizzie. Daryl Dixon. Maggie Greene Rhee. Glenn Rhee. Michonne. Tyresse.

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" 46 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Watch 'The Walking Dead'. They're saying there will be more zombies and less arguing next season.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead. Carl Started With Cute Chubby Cheeks. Now He Is A Tall Young Man With Long Hair And Those Cute Chubby Cheeks Are Gone. Time Does Fly! Chandler time line aha

And award for the worst parenting skills goes to....

Stupid Lori and that Damn Kid

The Walking Dead Facts http://geekxgirls.com/article.php?ID=3167

The prison set was built? I thought it was like an actual abandoned prison. probably stupid on my part but oh well