Dean Geyer. Mmmmmmm sooooo hot...

Top 10 TV Hunks Dean Geyer He can sing, he can act and he can dance! Not to forget he is drop dead gorgeous! Dean joined Glee cast as Brody Weston, Rachel’s former love interest and – a gigolo…One thing is for sure – he is an Eye Candy!

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Glee Season 4 new actor, Dean Geyer “ Brody Weston is a NYADA upperclassman and a potential love interest for Rachel Berry.

I need this jacket right now!

leatheraddict: “Leatherboy du jour/of the day : Dean Geyer (comédien/actor) (USA) - ”

Dean Geyer | Dean Geyer: From Australian Idol to Glee: The Daily Details: Blog ...

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dacre montgomery Poster