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Create the Ultimate Outdoor Guest Room

Just in case we ever have a yurt village. Making a yurt! If I ever have the space, time, and resources, I am so doing this.

Image result for nomadic yurt

Image result for nomadic yurt

Picture of Overview of the parts and process of Building Your Own Yurt for Camping or Emergency Shelter.

Build Yourself a Portable Home - a Mongolian Yurt

I think I could stand to vacation here Whitepod - glamping in the Swiss Alps

Whitepod - glamping in the Swiss Alps Wish I could go snowboarding in Switzerland again!

love the Turkoman Yurt hand-made by Philip Cooper at bohorockers.com

Luxury Yurts: Hand-crafted homes by Bohorockers

Luxury Yurts: Hand-crafted homes by Bohorockers_Philip Coopers Bohorockers Turkoman Yurts bring you back to nature without

tree-tents. I read about these for the first time today. I would try this.

TREETENT both a tent and treehouse at the same time. Dreamed up by Dutch sculptor and designer Dré Wapenaar, the Treetent is 13 feet tall, and boasts a hardwood floor and a round mattress, making it perfect for those more intimate outdoor moments.

Groundfridge em conjunto com padaria rustica aplicar ground no subsolo com dimensoes maiores

ПОГРЕБ Groundfridge is an innovative take on the traditional root cellar. It meets the requirements of people with their own vegetable garden, who choose to live in a modern and self-sustaining way.

Whether you're an ultralight backpacker or in need of a quick emergency shelter during a downpour in the backcountry, it's invaluable to know how to use what you're carrying and your surroundings t...

Tarp Shelters Infographic HowTo make shelter from a tarp and paracord. tarps are at walmart, relatively inexpensive.

This bubble tent lets you sleep under the stars! Imagine reading a book in here while it's raining.

This inflatable bubble tent lets you sleep under the stars! Set up your own personal private bug-free outdoor sanctuary anywhere you want. Easily sets up at the beach, camping or even just in your own backyard.

Tie-1-On Modular Bean Bag Furniture

- To me, the bean bag couch looks like one big life jacket. I mean, the bright orange-red color ad black ties.