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School House Rock Contractions

I leaned more from these saturday morning cartoon features than I did in school. respect to the creators of school house rock. we need this type of programming now.

Mentally find 10 more or 10 less than a two-digit number (Common Core 1.NBT.5) | Number & Operations in Base Ten | Learnist

Description: Counting Songs music video that teaches counting by tens. This Counting By Tens Video will teach kids how to count by tens from 10 to This is a song for learning how to skip count by

This song teaches the odd digits, and shows that any number ending in an odd digit is also odd.   Watch Mr. R.'s even number song here:  http://youtu.be/Ei19HMn1BxM    See more of my free math and science resources at  http://mathstory.com    lyrics:    Odd numbers    Odd numbers   Can't be beat,  Those 5 digits,  Are so sweet...  Hey odd number...

odd number song (elementary math) + lyrics Kinda silly, however, kiddos will love it!

Our first Zero the Hero collage of the year to celebrate Day 10!  Beginning on the first day of school, we count the number of days until the 100th day of school. On every 10th day, Zero comes for a visit because he loves the number 0!  The students make a book of Zero from 10 to 100!  ($) #ZeroTheHero #100Days ofSchool

Counting 100 Days of School With Zero the Hero

Count the first 100 days of school with Zero the Hero! Use these activities to teach your children about the number zero, counting by ones to and counting by tens! Beginning on the first day of school, we count the number of days until the day of school.