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Weather asking questions and different types of weather English lesson. Learn about the types of weather.

Differences Between American and British English - learn English,vocabulary,american,british,english

The three major differences between between American and British English are: Pronunciation - . words which are different to American words.

ALSO, TOO, AS WELL #learnenglish https://plus.google.com/+AntriPartominjkosa/posts/L1x6HyZ4RG1

ALSO, TOO, AS WELL #learnenglish https://plus.google.com/+AntriPartominjkosa/posts/L1x6HyZ4RG1

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English Chat [English Conversations]Free chat where ESL learners and teachers can chat in English For learners of English.

English Pronounciation

English pronunciation poem… seriously EVERY teacher should be require to read this thing. Out loud. In front of people. Then maybe everyone will understand why the English language is nearly impossible for kids with learning disabilities.

The names of the place where the sport is played

Sports for Intermediate students: Vocabulary here Practise: Sports Collocations Sports Vocabulary Quiz Football Vocabulary Q.