A Woman on the Subway photo by Camilo Jose Vergara (New York, 1970)

Dope Photo Shuttle that links Times Square to Grand central Terminal New York Times, New York City Subway Archives. Photo by Librado Romero.

Photo by Norman Parkinson

Beautiful early fashion shot by Norman Parkinson for Harper’s Bazaar, 1938

AC1 Loudspeaker system by OMA / Oswalds Mill Audio.


"Oswalds Mill Audio - Vintage Style High End Audio Electronic Equipment "…

Rostropovich plays Bach for a united Berlin On November 11, 1989, two days after the official fall of the Berlin Wall, Mstislav Rostropovich staged an impromptu performance of Bach's cello suites at the frontier. Photo: PA

Mstislav Rostropovich playing Bach as the Berlin Wall falls, // Rostropovitch jouant du violoncelle pendant la chute du Mur de Berlin.( Ha ha not a typical street musician, Irka)

Não possuímos direito maior e mais inalienável do que o direito ao sonho. O único que nenhum ditador pode reduzir ou exterminar. Jorge Amado

British violinist Albert Sammons atop a tank in Trafalgar Square, ca. I am curious as to why he is wearing a uniform and if this was a staged photo, as Sammons, as far as I have researched, did.