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Healthy Charcuterie Cups | Easy Charcuterie Cups | Healthy Foodie
Are you looking for a healthy option to serving charcuterie? Try this awesome healthy charcuterie cups idea for a great option to enjoying your next party or get together. Great for any holiday or Easter, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. These grab and go charcuterie cups are healthy and easy to make. Nutrition and Facts for Charcuterie Cups The charcuterie cups have some healthy ingredients but if you’re watching weight then be sure to adjust accordingly. If you are watching sodium then increase veggies and fruit and reduce cheese and meats. Learn More:
a glass jar filled with different types of food
Individual Charcuterie Board | Party Snacks and Appetizer Recipes
Make a JARcuterie with me!
How To Make Charcuterie Cones - Full Tutorial @The Platter Girl
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Charcuterie Box
Charcuterie Cups are the new way to snack at Cocktail Hour ✨💍👰‍♀️ - The Platter Girl #snackyaf