Digitally manipulated images get a lot of heat across the internet, but does that mean they are any less artistic or awesome? In the case of the photo below, which was created with an app called PIP Camera, the image is still a creative piece of art.

Funny pictures about Sunset refraction. Oh, and cool pics about Sunset refraction. Also, Sunset refraction.

Make Your Own Water Infusions!

Blackberry & Lime Mojito- box of blackberries - fresh mint leaves - sliced key limes - If you would like it a little sweeter add a ittle cane sugar - crushed ice - ginger ale or club soda for bubbles (optional) pitcher of water. Directions in the website

Water - Google Search

Drink more water as part of your morning beauty routine for a healthier complexion.

A beber mucha agua para evitar esas bolsitas en los ojos

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are exposed to health risks from water contaminated with lead, toxic chemicals, and microbes.

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