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a hand holding a chocolate dessert with cream filling
Krtinky aneb vyrob si zdravý Krtkův dort.
a pin cushion is made to look like a hot air balloon
Wonderful things are born of magick.
Quilled Hot Air Balloon Adventure. $50.00, via Etsy.
some cookies are on a plate next to a cup of coffee and a teapot
Křehoučké máslové sušenky |
Křehoučké, jemné a chutné sušenky namočené do kvalitní čokolády. Můžete je slepit oblíbenou marmeládou, ale i bez lepení jsou vynikající.
the table is set with green napkins and place settings for christmas tree - shaped plates
Catering by Publix: Order Food Here for Your Event or Party
Christmas Tree Napkins: Turn a green napkin into a lovely Christmas craft with this linen-folding how-to.
six different types of paper flowers on a white surface, each with their own logo
Crea-Vita: Teabagfolding
three shirts that have been made to look like the characters from frozen world, including snowman
5 Easy Birthday Frozen Party ideas for busy moms!
How to make an Olaf shirt and other Frozen-themed party ideas
a wreath made out of candy bars and buttons
the steps to make a christmas tree out of toilet paper rolls are shown with scissors and tape
DIY Christmas Calendar Made from Upcycled Kitchen Roll Tubes » Coffee & Vanilla
DIY Christmas calendar from toilet paper tubes, only use a wrapping paper tube for a smaller tree for an ornament! voila!