Car Seat Cover Tutorial: A cute, easy canopy for your baby's car seat that is durable and looks great!

Car Seat Cover Tutorial

Baby changing mat. Several different styles and options in the same pattern. #sew #make #baby

Baby changing mat pattern - two options

Baby Changing Mat Pattern - Two different options from the same pattern: satchel-style or clutch-style mat with pockets.

Geschenke zur Geburt

(hochet-lapin-patron-gratuit) this is supposed to be something for a baby, but to me looks like bunny napkin rings

DIY washable baby changing pad. Free pattern at Rae Gun Ramblings

Baby Changing Pad Tutorial

Free pattern at Rae Gun Ramblings. I really want to make a larger changing pad for use in public places.

LOVE this blog!!! Will be attempting to make these for all those preggo friends in my life right now!

Baby blanket easy enough a beginner could sew it Who wants to have babies so that I can make these blankets? Different patterns, of course.