Trash To Treasure

Trash to treasure diy home decor projects. Found treasures from thrift stores and flea markets are great for upcycling, recycling, and repurposing. Don't throw…
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a lamp that is sitting on top of a table next to a photo and some pictures
Gorgeous Thrifted Lamp Makeovers
Lamps can quickly look outdated and that is why there are so many good deals on them at thrift stores. My budget-friendly tips and tricks will show you how to take that old lamp and give it new life! Follow along with my blog for more DIY inspiration!
the video is showing how to make an easy diy project
Easy Thrift Store Makeovers - YouTube Video
Watch as I take these thrift store finds on a budget and turn them into beautiful and updated home decor pieces. My simple step by step directions are easy even for beginners. Let's get to work!
how to paint an outdoor furniture with spray paint and some other things that are in the background
Paint Outdoor Furniture The Easy Way
Paint outdoor furniture using a small electric paint sprayer. The sprayer makes painting furniture a breeze.
yard sale signs are featured in this collage for the world's largest flea market
127 World's Longest Yard Sale
The 127 world's longest yard sale is a cool sale and the event happens every year in August.
a blue table with books on it and the words, how to paint furniture table makeover with milk paint
Demilune Table Makeover with Milk Paint
Give your thrift store Demilune table a fresh new look with milk paint! Our easy DIY tutorial will guide you through the process of revamping your ugly table of vintage furniture into a gorgeous statement piece. You'll be amazed by the results!
How To Apply Gold Leaf Foil - Thrift Table Makeover
How To Apply Gold Leaf Foil - Thrift Table Makeover | Salvaged Inspirations Carefully Place The Gold Leaf Or Gold Foil Onto The Tacky Adhesive, Gently Pressing It Down With A Soft Brush Or Your Fingers. The Gold Leaf Will Adhere To The Surface. Once The Gold Leaf Is In Place, Use A Soft Brush Or A Piece Of Cheesecloth To Gently Burnish The Surface. #siblog #salvagedinspirations #howto #goldfoil #goldfoilfurniture #furnituremakeover #goldleafdesign #furniturepainting #paintingfurniture #diy
the best milk paint for furniture makeovers
The Best Milk Paint for Furniture Makeovers!
Looking for a way to give your old furniture a stunning makeover? I've done the research for the best milk paint for your next DIY project. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our blog for more DIY project tutorials!
an old dresser is painted pink and has the words no wax check paint on it
No Wax Paint For Furniture
No wax paint for furniture is a real time saver. You don't have to prime with Miss Lillian't No Wax Chock Paint either.
Simple DIY Wood Stool Tutorial
Easy Wood Stool Makeover
Ready to turn a simple wood stool into a stylish piece? I will guide you through the process, turning this old find into a chic piece of vintage home decor. This is the perfect project for those who love a good painting project! Head over to our blog for more DIY project tutorials!
a bench with a flower in it and the words diy best stool makeover
DIY Foot Stool Makeover
DIY Foot Stool Makeover | Salvaged Inspirations I Love This Whimsical Mediterranean Vibe And The Colors Will Tie In Beautifully. What Do You Think Of This Color And Pattern? I Hope Bunny Likes It And It’s Easier For Her To Jump Up To Watch The Birds! I Hope It’s Inspired You And Given You Some Ideas For Your Painted Furniture Projects! #siblog #salvagedinspirations #diyfootstool #footstoolmakeover #thriftstorefinds #furniturepainting #paintingfurniture #footstool #furniture #diyfootstoolmakeover
the before and afters of painted furniture makeovers with chalk paint in different colors
Trashed Furniture Makeover You Have To See
Beat up and damaged furniture can be saved. See these furniture makeovers with paint.
Simple DIY Lamp Makeover
Easy Lamp Makeover with MMS Milk Paint
Have you seen all of the old lamps at the thrift store? Follow my step-by-step directions to give these lamps a refresh! Simple and budget friendly! Head over to my blog for more DIY tutorials!
tin can crafts with text overlay
Tin Can Crafts
If you love to craft from the recycling bin, then you'll love all of these tin can crafts! There are so many ways to upcycle them and none of these are kid crafts, either- though your teens and tweens may want to help with them!
a white table with pink flowers on it and the words paint and stencil a table
$2 Table Painted And Stenciled With Dixie Belle Paint
Table Painted And Stenciled With Dixie Belle Paint