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Smooth finishes are the result of smooth surfaces. Try these tips to achieve both.

Save old sanding belts to use on sleeveless drums = шлифовальный шпиндель

Creating an intermediate pulley bearing holder for the Unimat milling head. In this set-up, two of the chuck jaws in the 4-jaw chuck are reversed. In another set-up I used 1/32" thick slotting saw to cut a slot from the left edge to the bored hole. A cap head screw (hole is visible on top edge) is used to clamp the pulley bearing after slotting the edge. Should have used brass shims to protect the part from chuck jaw marks.

Homemade lathe modifications intended for a Unimat including: a storage platform and drawer, tapped holes for future enhancements, dial indicators, adjustable carriage stops, and up-rated motors.

How to make and use a Pot Chuck for your Lathe

Here is my finished pot chuck.A Pot Chuck is used to hold work which does not match up with the jaws on your Lathe Chuck. Here is the finished pot chuck with a pi.