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Residential Concrete Fence Walls

Until recently, residential fence styles were limited to decorative but insubstantial wall options. StoneTree® offers a better concrete block fence option!

split face concrete block wall fenceing and gates | Block Fence Replacement With Precast Block Fence Panels | Aftec

Concrete block fences built with full panel sections eliminate a majority of the time and labor required for installing a traditional concrete block fence.

Outdoor art, landscaping, privacy screen, rock, metal, pottery

Wattle - Metal Laser Cut Screens - Outdoor Screens Wall Features - Watergarden Warehouse Another idea for door into Admin Surrounded by plants to soften look Perhaps edible orange or lemon tree added into mix as client keen on edible garden?

Gabion + Wood Fence)

Contemporary Steel Privacy Fence This is the ideal front yard fence if you want that awesome kerb appeal! The tar black steel pikes and its unique design are perfect when you want to really standout.