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an empty courtyard with trees and plants in it
Wettbewerb 2009, 1. Preis
a river running through the middle of a cobblestone road with water flowing down it
Net een rivier | Lagendijk tuin- en landschapsarchitecten #landscapearchitecturepark
an outdoor patio with wooden steps and plants on the floor in front of brick buildings
Discover the best pretty super on Dwell
apartment, Architect Brad Zizmor installed a 16-foot-wide deck for playing and grilling, and lined it with hostas, Hollywood juniper, and bamboo; photo: Roland Bello #architecture #wood
people are walking up and down the stairs next to a fountain in a shopping mall
Place - Making: Stairs in urban and public spaces #urbanlandscapearchitecture
an aerial view of a city square with benches and trees in the foreground, surrounded by buildings
combinar medio mapa y medio maqueta para la ciudad miniatura
several children are sitting in a hammock on the ground near a tree and fence
cantilevered platform netting
an aerial view of a courtyard with benches, trees and bicycles in planters on the ground
Ошибка 429
an aerial view of some concrete structures with trees in the center and two benches on each side
Is Your Yard Looking Dowdy? Brighten It Up With This Helpful Landscaping Advice! - House Garden Landscape
Treppe und Sitzstufen, © Jan Kraege, Kö
an outdoor area with curved concrete steps and plants
Milan 2013: bamboo trees sprouted up around a topographical landscape of stone and water at this installation created by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma in Milan. As one of three architect-designed installations for the Urban Stories exhibition of contemporary living, Kengo Kuma's Naturescape was designed as an interpretation of a traditional Japanese Zen garden.
an aerial view of the courtyard and surrounding buildings
BDA Hamburg Architekturpreis
BDA Hamburg Architekturpreis
an empty courtyard with benches and tables in the middle, surrounded by brick buildings on both sides
Panter Hudspith Architects
Panter Hudspith Architects |
an apartment building with white and black geometric tiles on the facade, as well as landscaping
Sparkling Innovation in Montreal, Canada : La Géode Lives Up to Its Name | Yatzer
Photo by Adrien Williams.