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i love the feel of natural lagoon type pools...i love the shallow entry plus the fact that this pool isn't to big $$

If I had a dream house it would have this dream pool. Perfect if it was a salt water pool w/out the chemicals!

Natural swimming pool. Uses a natural water filtration system instead of chlorine. Love the ambience it gives-- useful for the gorgeous look even when the weather is too cold for swimming.

Natural Pools Are Making a Ripple, But Are They For You?

A case study of the third BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool built in New Jersey. Designed and built by BioNova® Natural Pools and Rin Robyn Pools.

Do It Yourself Ponds | Pools / Do it Yourself Home Ideas- pond swimming pool! So cool

A Hot Tub That Flows from the Inside to Outside

Swimpond Landscape Design - this is a really cool idea for naturally filtered swimming pools. They can convert already existing pools and make them into a clean mountain swimming hole.

Natural Pools - Natural Swimming Pools and Ponds - The Daily Green

I have space in my backyard! Natural Pools - Natural Swimming Pools and Ponds - The Daily Green

eco swimming pool

19 Incredible natural swimming pools

Collection of 19 incredible natural swimming pools! (via Elle Decor). This is the only way I'd do a pool.

DIY natural swimming pool. - tomorrows adventures...this site has several ideas for camping and survival

diy natural swimming pool - a cross between a pool and a pond with a filter. A nice eco friendly alternative to a standard swimming pool

natural pools | Eco Friendly Natural Swimming Pool Construction | Our Natural ...

Natural swimming pool plans for inspire the design of your home with eingängig display pool decor 7

very cool backyard swimming pools that look like natural ponds.  {}

Natural Pool- your pool looks like a natural pond Chemical-free water garden and swimming pool. The plant portion, or regeneration zone, is separated from the swimming area by the wall seen a few inches below the water’s surface


Natural Pools – Natural Pond – Natural Swimming Ponds by Rin Robyn Pools - Spherical shape of Natural Pools – Natural Pond – Natural Swimming Ponds

Wow! Natural pool!

Piscinas biológicas: você sabe do que se trata

Natural swimming pool/pond

Natural Swimming Pool Designs Of exemplary Natural Swimming Pool Ecological Home Decorating Landscaping Concept