Petr Kvetensky

Petr Kvetensky

Petr Kvetensky
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Hřebínek podrží hřebík Když zatloukáte hřebík, podržte si ho hřebínkem, ať se nepraštíte kladivem do prstu.

Clothespin Nail Holder This is an easy life hack for people who love doing DIY projects. There are times when it is hard to hold the nail while hammering. You can use a clothespin to hold the nail. That way you will not risk pounding on your fingers.

"Nido" - A tiny cabin space by the Finnish designer Robin Falck. This tiny cabin is fully functional at just under 100 square feet out in the middle of the woods. This small space features a micro-kitchen and upper sleep/storage space.

Pallets living

Outside furniture Living room with recycled pallets made of a double sofa, two individual armchairs customized with glass holder and magazine racks, two tables with antique glaze tile, two cardboard lamps. In Ubik Café Valencia.

Tree stump fairy house....

tree stump fairy house (Hmm an excellent little house for the faeries. I would leave all kinds of treats for them around the house, and have a fragrant sweet lavender garden surrounding it!

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Design: Horiuchi & Solien, Landscape Architects a bit grand for me but I love the feeling of warmth