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How to Build Shaker Doors

How to Build Shaker Doors

Not really…don’t call the cops. All you’ll find is the furnace and half a dozen garbage bags filled with returnables. I PROMISE! This project, the hidden door, is one that I have …

Good directions on how to do a hidden door. It would hide the door to the garage. A guest staying would never know that we have a hidden door for rainy days.

invisible door hinges | Door Designs Plans

Unfortunately, you only ever catch a very brief glimpse of the high-quality details of the concealed, high-quality door hinges, namely when the door is opened. For precisely this reason, DX hinges are a compelling solution for planners.

secret passageway. I want to do this with the door from Paul's "Man Cave" to the closet. It looks awesome and adds lots of storage!

This is intended as a hidden doorway, but it's a reasonable way to design closet doors. That's because you're not expecting furniture to be placed in front a closet door. So, adding shelving makes use of that otherwise dead space.

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