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equal parts Baking Soda and Vegetable Oil make paste smear on sticky jar, leave on about 10 minutes and wipe off.

Remove Tree Sap from Vinyl Siding

Remove Tree Sap from Vinyl Siding. If drippy trees or deck lumber deposit sap on your vinyl siding, don't delay cleanup. The longer you wait, the more stubborn the sap will become.

If crumbs, papers or even flatware falls into the gap between your countertop…

Great Idea and keeps the sides of your slip in kitchen range clean too. Keep crumbs from falling into the gap between your countertop and refrigerator by filling the void with clear plastic tubing. You can purchase it at home centers in several widths.

10 Cleaning Hacks using Paper Towels - Around My Family Table

The most efficient way to clean a house quickly is to prevent those messes in the first place. Try these 10 Cleaning Hacks today.