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Petr Hečska

Petr Hečska
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Free Your Mind: Your Brain on LSD #Infographic #Health #MentalHealth

Your brain on LSD probably isn't the disaster Nancy Reagan wanted you to believe it would be. Can this drug which is currently illegal in the U., actually provides some mental health benefits? Learn more about the efficacy of LSD from this infographic.


Juxtapoz Magazine article on "Godfather of Blotter Art" Mark McCloud's "Institute of Illegal Images.

Jesus BLOTTER ART - perforated acid art paper - Kesey Leary Hofmann Owsley Grateful Dead psychedelic lsd sheet tabs

These are highly collectable, perfect for your wall, or just to add to your blotter art collection.

A new exhibition from American artist Mark McCloud has a brand new exhibition 'Take It Acid Is' which just opened at Gallery in San Francisco.