DIY ~~ making string ornaments. très chouette mais qu'y a-t-il dans le bol? je ne lis pas le russe !

Xmas Deco Make small ones to add to little xmas trees. Red and white for lounge tree and blue and silver for dining room Maybe do whole shown display on patio DIY ~~ making string ornaments.

Znaky na klávesnici

Keyboard code list Alt Key + numeric codes Did you ever wonder how to do some of those special characters like ♥ and ♫ ? Well, here you are! All in one printable list

How To Do Faces When Texting Or On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on! :)

12 Best Photos of Emotion Icons Meanings - Happy Face Emoticon Meanings, Happy Face Emoticon Meanings and iPhone Emoji Keyboard Faces

Cizrna pečená v troubě - DIETA.CZ

The first time I ever had a chickpea as a snack, I was copying a Rachel Ray recipe where she toasted them in a skillet on the stove. They didn’t get at all crunchy and just tasted like hot c…

Připravte si doma balkánský sýr - levný, chutný, málo tučný.  Balkánský sýr pak můžete použít na mnoho vynikajících studených nebo teplých receptů. Některé nápady na recepty vám postupně přineseme.  Tak si zítra kupte tvaroh a naložte ho. Ať jste připraveni :-). Máte-li nějaký svůj osvědčený recept, podělte se o něj…

If you have a passion for beautiful travel you actually will enjoy this cool info!

Milujete balkánský sýr? Za pár korun si ho zvládnete vyrobit doma!

A benefit of raising goats is you get to make goat cheese from all the fresh goat milk! Learn how to make goat cheese from dairy goats with this homesteading guide.

Halali - zelenina  na  svíčkovou omáčku

Halali - zelenina na svíčkovou omáčku

Medicínsky nápoj pre ženy – ideálny na chudnutie, pevnú pokožku a celulitídu

Flax seed is packed with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and fiber, essential for proper function of the intestine. It is also efficient in the elimination of toxins and health-threatening compounds. Flax seed reduces blood sugar and appetite.