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Same things, different world... #homelessness #Labre

Same things, different world... #homelessness #Labre

Čínská oblíbená pláž.Odpadky jako trvalá součást scenérie.

Beach season is almost here. Let's hope that our local beaches don't look anything like the beaches in China. They have a serious litter problem.

Why moms get NOTHING DONE

Being a Mom is the most difficult job in the world. It's even more difficult if you have a toddler This Cute video tells you why Moms get nothing done.

Gas masks for babies tested at an English hospital, 1940

Just in case you need a pinch of perspective: From the Imperial War Museum in London, "Three nurses carry babies cocooned in baby gas respirators down the corridor of a London hospital during a gas drill." GAS DRILL AT A LONDON HOSPITAL: ENGLAND, 1940