Soda Bottle Ecosystems

Environmental Science: Make a Pop Bottle Ecosystem to show illustrate how the animals, plants, and non-living things in an environment all affect one another. Also includes a lesson on responsibility.

I have straws and am collecting the rolls (Stephanie) Homemade tinker toys in the library - No budget? Use toilet paper or paper towel tubes and straws to make your own building components for a library center!

Printable Recycling Game

What bin do these items go into? Play the free printable recycling game to introduce kids to the basics of recycling or as an educational Earth Day activity.

Kid Color Pages: Earth Day for Girls

We are really digging kid color pages lately and I am so happy to share them with you! I recently shared a boy version of Earth Day color pages and I thi

What goes in the recycle bin, and what goes in the trash? Children play this fun game and learn how to sort their garbage!