Petra Nemčeková

Petra Nemčeková

Prague, Czech Republic
Petra Nemčeková
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Isaiah 43:2 a promise I always have to remember when the going gets tough he is faithful before I ever was

When I call you to go through the deep waters I will be with you! I will not let you sink nor let the waves overcome you! When you walk through the fire you will not get burned! I am the Lord thy God [paraphrase]

in retrospect. better to respond than to react

If people are horrible to you, if people tear you down they will get what they deserve. But how you act determines your fate too

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I still remember the first day i met you .I smiled inside and hugged you like I have never hugged anyone else in my life.we shared a few hugs and laughs and togetherness.I will never forget, even when I walked away.I still remember

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Remeber that when things get hard that doesn't mean to turn tail and run. It means to stay rooted and love one another harder. Current Quotes Life - Quote, Love Quotes, Life Quotes, Live Life Quote, and Letting Go Quotes.


Do it to prove yourself right rather than to prove others wrong. Once you become unattached to nobody else's opinion but your own you begin to carve out a life truly free of another's expectations. by mindingherbusiness

thank goodness for friends and family who love us and stick around even when we aren't at our best

The most memorable people in your life are the ones that love you when you aren't very loveable. Not sure who this would apply to in my life besides my mother.