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Rye pasta with spinach, Shimeji brown mushrooms, fennel, garlic, marjoram

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Why do we eat omelettes salted only? Eggs, pumpkin seeds, raisins, goji, chia seeds, carob, cinnamon, maple syrup & muesli mix

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No sugar added. Delicious cakes from carrot, apple, coconut and seeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, chia)+a bit of rye flour

salmon, corn pasta, spinach, enoki mushrooms, garlic, coconut oil, provencal herbs, hot peppers

YUMMY! Zucchini, mung bean sprouts, chickpea sprouts, red beams, dried tomatoes, red onion, watercress, pumpkin oil, hot pepper :)

300kcal dinner: 220g cauliflower, 33g onions, 62g leek, 120g zucchini, 13g coconut oil, 50g cod a la salmon

My spaghetti with seafood after Orobie Ultra Trail 2016

The best part of the training - carb load before the Saturdays ride: 35g oatmeal, 190g apple, 10g sunflower seeds, 10g walnuts, 20g raisins, chianti seeds & cinnamon. 450kcal.

Max satisfaction - delicious chocolate and coffee

Grilled trout with broccoli millet and red lentils