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a collage of photos with strawberries in plastic containers and woman looking at them
Strawberry time
several pictures of food including bananas, salad and other foods on a table with utensils
One evening in kitchen...
four pictures of different types of salads
Salad time
a person holding up some tomatoes in their hand
Strawberry time
an overhead view of sushi and other foods on a table with chopsticks
Home made sushi
four different plates with food on them including salad, meatballs and vegetables in sauces
The best vegan menu
a woman sitting at a table with a plate of mussels in front of her
My spaghetti with seafood after Orobie Ultra Trail 2016
mushrooms and spinach stir fry in a wok
Rye pasta with spinach, Shimeji brown mushrooms, fennel, garlic, marjoram
a bowl filled with oatmeal sitting on top of a counter
The best part of the training - carb load before the Saturdays ride: 35g oatmeal, 190g apple, 10g sunflower seeds, 10g walnuts, 20g raisins, chianti seeds & cinnamon. 450kcal.
a white plate topped with pasta, spinach and other foods next to utensils
salmon, corn pasta, spinach, enoki mushrooms, garlic, coconut oil, provencal herbs, hot peppers
a glass bowl filled with nuts and vegetables
YUMMY! Zucchini, mung bean sprouts, chickpea sprouts, red beams, dried tomatoes, red onion, watercress, pumpkin oil, hot pepper :)
a plate with cauliflower, broccoli and red pepper on it next to a fork
300kcal dinner: 220g cauliflower, 33g onions, 62g leek, 120g zucchini, 13g coconut oil, 50g cod a la salmon
a black plate topped with cookies next to a cup of coffee and bowl of oatmeal
No sugar added. Delicious cakes from carrot, apple, coconut and seeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, chia)+a bit of rye flour
a close up of a plate of food with cereal and other things on it,
Why do we eat omelettes salted only? Eggs, pumpkin seeds, raisins, goji, chia seeds, carob, cinnamon, maple syrup & muesli mix
a cup of coffee sitting next to a box of chocolates
Max satisfaction - delicious chocolate and coffee