DIY Vertical Pyramid Tower Garden Planter

Homemade Pyramid Garden Planter Project I would like to make this for strawberries.

Reveň rebarbora: výsadbu, přesazení i množení můžete provést v březnu

Plant rhubarb in prepared soil being careful to not bury crown! It likes an alkaline soil-add dolomite limestone, phosphate, manure.

Slimáky - jak je odpudit ze záhrady přírodními způsoby

Jak odpudit slimáky ze zahrady přírodním způsobem, a nezašpinit si karmu.

Fotoinspirace: malé zahrady jsou úchvatné, víte-li, jak je založit

Pond in the back garden with wooden decking walkway on Ambience Images from Arcaid Images, The architectural picture agency

Jak pěstovat medvědí česnek od jara do podzimu

Late spring is the perfect times to go foraging for this versatile and pungent plant, which can be whipped up into a delicious soup or pesto. Our expert guide on where to find it, how to cook it and tasty wild garlic recipe ideas

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jícha hnojení | Rodinné zahrady

jícha hnojení | Rodinné zahrady

21 Simply Beautitful DIY Vertical Garden Projects That Will Transform Your Design

Here is a complete tutorial to make your own pallet hanging garden ! I love the modern look and the perfect match with the giant spoon !

Asparagus is the tastiest spring veggie, and we all love it in our green salads. When it is in season, asparagus is super crunchy and high in nutrients.




Spring is finally in full swing. And while your gardens may be in bloom, you're probably also noticing weeds creeping up in places where they shouldn't be.

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Asparagus and rhubarb crisis: crops affected by warm temperatures