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a wooden table topped with a basket on top of it
Lisa Head is a basketweaver from Kentucky, via Pennsylvania. First saw her work when I worked for Country Home.
a piece of wood that has been cut in half and is sitting on the ground
L'arbre aux abeilles - Ruche tronc et abeille noire - Fabrication
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a wicker basket sitting on top of a green lawn chair
Making bee skeps. Covers several methods, with several tool and material options.
a large woven basket sitting on top of a wooden table
martinatnewton - SKEPS IN ART AND DRAMA |
an old woven basket with a wooden lid
Antique Bee Skep
a tall wooden beehive sitting on top of a white floor
Warre Hives
We love our Warre Hives. Such an easy and non-invasive way of keeping backyard bees.
several wooden carved out houses in the grass
Ukrainian Beehives
a wooden statue in the middle of a grassy field
Ancient Verticle Bee Hive: Beekeeping Museum in Lithuania
a basket filled with lots of different types of food
Welcome to Acorn Education
Do not ever forget, USDA outlawed using a bee skep in the US. This is due to fungus growth in the fibrous basket material. Cute, and trust me I want one, but unusable.
the beehive is full of bees, and it's covered in white fabric
baskets hanging from the ceiling in a room filled with dried plants and other things on display
Spectrum Webmail
Baskets & Bee Skeps...
rows of beehives lined up in the middle of a field with lavender flowers
Plant herbs next to hives. Great idea for keeping pests away from the hive and increasing bee health.
a wooden beehive with two trays on the top and one in the bottom
New Warre Beehives | The BeeKeepers Digest
jars with bees in them and the words beehive in a jar on top
DIY beehive in a jar
Mason bee farming
a wooden chair with a woven seat on it's back and foot rests in front of a black background
Lisa Head :: Featured Artist at :: October 2010
Lisa Head :: Featured Artist at :: October 2010 sweetgrass bee skep