Petra Damborská

Petra Damborská

Petra Damborská
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Maya Borderlands 2 cosplay

Model: LABINNAK (me) Cosplay handmade by LABINNAK Photographer: EuphoriaCosplayStudios Our cosplay page: L & M Cosplays Maya from Borderlands 2 cosplay photo 2

Pop art lips

I want to be a model in a photo shoot where the look with hair, make-up & clothing is pop art themed. I loved the style & thinks it's an excellent adventure!

Cosplayer Makes Cell-Shaded Jeans For Borderlands Costume

Cosplayer extraordinaire Kirameku is in the midst of a Borderlands cosplay for the ages, based on her jeans at least.It's hard to bring that unique . View "Cosplayer's Borderlands Jeans Are Cel-Shaded Perfection" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Cosplay Cleavage Tutorial

This is a funny and comes quite handy if a character you cosplay has big boobs. Like Lara Croft, for instance! : D - - - Cosplay Cleavage Tutorial by ~pomp-berry on deviantART.I wouldn't do this for everyday but maybe for some pics or something