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the inside of an old building with lights on
aleaolea restores spanish gothic ruins of the church of vilanova del la barca
an empty room with a white curtain and black table in the center, next to a large round window
Swiss bliss at Mike Spink’s Klosters chalet
Property developer Mike Spink’s Swiss chalet in Klosters | Wallpaper*
an empty room with white walls and ceiling
Swiss bliss at Mike Spink’s Klosters chalet
a bathroom with two sinks and lights on the ceiling
Buff Nail Studios, Brighton - Melbourne, Australia - The Cool Hunter Journal
an empty room with several desks and chairs in it, all lined up against the wall
Perfectly Polished – Buff Nail Studios by GOLDEN
an empty bathroom with concrete walls and flooring is lit by light bulbs hanging from the ceiling
McLaren Excell channels church interiors in The Splash Lab showroom