This looks like a jig I built 15 years ago. I used a heavy section of angle iron with holes every few inches to work uniformly down longer blades.

Only change was adding threaded screw wood taps and purchasing varying sizes of eye bolts to save on time for height adjustment.

Putting the first bevel on a knife blank with my bevel jig.

Putting the first bevel on a knife blank with my bevel jig.

Blacksmithing Zen | ADRIAN IONITA

Blacksmithing Zen

Blacksmithing Zen [an interview with Arnon Kartmazov] by Adrian Ioniţă I remember well the moment my life changed. I have just spent a very hot day helping Kanehama-san in his smithy, mostly swin…

My Bevel Filing Jig.

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How to make a handle for the knife - instructions and photos. How to make a knife handle step by step. How to make knife making handle material.

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Stages of Japanese knife making

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