Moji pants from Seamwork. Super easy and wearable. I used a very dark and lightweight indigo denim with a bit of stretch, attached the drawstring to elastic, and made them slightly less pegged. The cardi is Liv Light, scarf is crocheted and improvised.


Oh yes, I knew this pattern (Seamwork’s Aurora) would be a winner. The body is made from a whisper soft jersey that I found on the remnant table at my beloved Pacific Fa…


Mixed Emotions: Burda Drawstring Travel Pants - from the May 2011 issue of Burdastyle. I made this pattern before in linen several years ago, and they are my favorite, most comfortable summer pants!


Another pair of Aires Leggings ! These ones are wayy more comfortable than the mermaid-scale print ones I made a little while ago.

The Blueberry Meringue Skirt