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Realistic DoorBell 🔔
Minecraft Elevator Build
Mincraft Trees <3
Minecraft Wood House
Check out my links for build guides and server hosting
the different materials used in this game are made out of wood and stone, with various colors
Curved Staircase: my first original design ever... made it cause I couldn't find a tutorial for such a staircase and wanted to share it for anyone who's looking for a similar design (built it also in contrasting colors to make the slabs more visible) hope you guys like it ^^
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White interior design
an aerial view of a garden with trees and bushes in the background, text reads natural bridge
Natural Bridge Design! 🍃
four different types of bridge designs in minecraft with text reading,'rund japanese and large bridge designs '
Here are 4 Large Bridge designs my friend and I created!
Part 3 (I have more parts)