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a round chandelier hanging from the ceiling with clear crystal beads on it's sides
Crystal Lighting Inspirations - Elegant and stunning interior decor
three light fixtures hanging from the ceiling in front of a white board and black table
Hanging Light Gems: Diamonds by JSPR
Diamonds is a series of hanging pendants designed by Sylvie Meuffels for JSPR that cross industrial with a bit of classy elegance. Much like the stones they’re named after, these eye-catching lights will shine from the ceiling they hang from.
a person sitting on top of a yellow crescent with blue legs and feet, in front of a white background
Uni-Svítidla.cz | Univerzální výběr svítidel a osvětlení | Uni-Svitidla.cz
Dětské stropní svítidlo 30268/55/16, #ceiling #moon #children #kid #kids #baby #boy #girl #led #philips
the radio has cars on it and is next to a red object with a yellow light
Philips PROJEKTOR 71769/32/16
a lamp that is sitting on top of a crescent shaped light fixture hanging from the ceiling
Lustry do dětského pokojíčku
Dětský lustr - světlo do dětského pokojíčku
an image of two lights that are on the ceiling in a circle shaped light fixture
Spot LED aplicat Philips HUE Pillar Negru cu intrerupator dimabil