Co dělají chemtrails s vaším mozkem: Neurochirurg Dr. Russell Blaylock odkrývá šokující fakta. [CZ titulky]

What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain; Shocking Facts Revealed by Neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock

Odkud fouká Chemtrails. [CZ]

Poisonous Chemtrail Rain is Killing our Trees. I think they are using chemtrails to alter the weather! We've been getting a much higher amount of rain this year!

Chemtrails - smutná a utajovaná pravda.

Chemtrails - smutná a utajovaná pravda

Trojské oblaky.  [SK titulky]

Trojské oblaky. [SK titulky]

Chemtrails zábery. LIST

Why is the general public so confused and in the dark about the highly toxic ongoing climate engineering insanity in our skies? Because mainstream media is d.

Nemecko (Mníchov, Říjen 2014)

Nemecko (Mníchov, Říjen 2014)

Nemecko (Mníchov, Říjen 2014)

Inside shot of a Chemtrail Airplane? Some argue they are simply “Ballast Barrells”, yet they are clearly tanks and hardly represent the inner seating struture of a commercial passenger aircraft, though it is obviously one, though.