Gingerbread cookie

Today we are looking at Moravian and Bohemian gingerbread designs from the Czech Republic. Back home, gingerbread is eaten year round and beautifully decorated cookies are given on all occasions.

TIRAMISU jednohubky

Vynikajúci variant Tiramisu na párty.<br>Je to naša najobľúbenejšia…

Simple Penguin Cookies with Funny Fish | The Bearfoot Baker

Simple Penguin Cookies

Enjoy these simple penguin cookies all winter long. These adorable delicious sugar cookies decorated with royal icing are sure to please your guests.

Šeherezáda - nepečený dort |

Šeherezáda - nepečený dort

Domaći Kuhar - Deserti i Slana jela: Šeherezada torta

Nepečený banánový dort s piškoty |

Nepečený banánový dort s piškoty

Don't fuss with the oven when the weather heats up. These icebox cake recipes taste amazing, but they're super easy to put together.

Bela bajadera

Bela bajadera

Nepečený dort jak ho možná neznáte

Marbled cakes take a little bit more effort than your average chocolate cakes, but it is well worth it. This chocolate marbled cheesecake is a good testament to that!