Keep Your Kids At Home Occupied With Fall Crafts For Kids

Scarecrow from a toilet paper roll. Who knew there were so many good crafts you can make from toilet paper rolls!

First graders will begin learning about how plants grow and develop next week. I usually do apple trees with red, glittery apples but I thought I would try something different this year. We are goi...

Apt Apples

Arts visuels Pointillism pinned from Monika Wegerer pinboard who has lots of great pins for art with kids

Polka Dot Spot: Different Perspective Trees. instead of having everybody do those same q-tip trees, some may want to do them like this which may turn into some interesting ideas(;

Fifth graders learned about two different types of perspective, worm’s eye and bird’s eye. Worm’s eye perspective is as if y.


Apples in a box- placing apples according to the number being displayed


Grade Wax Resist Fall Leaves: warm color oil pastels and cool color bleeding tissue paper - wonder if it would work laying down fallen leaves and adding torn paper over?

coloring page St. Maarten - 11 november

coloring page Sint Maarten - 11 november- Lampionnenoptocht

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