rozdělení not - délka

When I was a girl, my music teacher used wooden blocks to illustrate this concept. I like the wall chart, too.

Great idea to show Math with Music Values and fractions.

This is a bulletin board I made to connect music to math fractions. It also helps show the breakdown of the eighth/sixteenth combinations - ideas

"How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Music Note Collage for 2nd Grade"

How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Simple project for primary music students. Could compliment a unit on garden themed songs or a similarly themed spring musical!

Instruments - Matching B&W worksheets

With this worksheet, students can match pictures of instruments with their name. Includes instruments from all four families.

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week 19: instrument families - Brass

Like the woodwinds, all the brasswind instruments require the player to use their breath to make sound. Very often they are made of brass, but even if they’re made of nickel, silver or wood,…

coloring page Musical Instruments Kids-n-Fun

Musical-instruments Coloring Pages for kids. Musical-instruments Coloring Pages. 33 coloring pages of Musical Instruments.