Autumn splendour

Autumn Forest, Saxony, Germany photo via destiny "Witness the wondrous evidence of God's handiwork, and reflect upon its range and character." He Who is the Seal of the Prophets hath said: "Increase my wonder and amazement at Thee, O God!

Versailles, The Apollo Fountain (ca. 1668-70).

✯ Parc du Chateau de Versailles, La Fontaine d'Appolon - The Apollo Fountain - The Versailles Garden - France


Autumn in New England. The smell of the air,the sound of walking through the leaves,and being totally surrounded by color.

Fall in the country.

Using species from the surrounding landscape but formalising them around the house. Arne Maynard, garden in Wales

A rocking chair on a log cabin porch with a magnificent view of the mountains.  Yep...pretty gosh darn happy!!

Mountain View with Fall Leaves - Log Cabin with Porch and Comfy Rocking Chair's - ( need are cozy lap quilts) = from Particular Poetry

autumn morning...

~ Autumn ~ "Pale amber sunlight falls across The reddening October trees .