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a wreath made out of apples and leaves
Home Decor and Entertaining Pins
an old train car is filled with plants and fruit on the back deck, along with other things
Gardening- a creative journey
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden stump filled with berries and pine cones
Dekorace z lesa? Šest tipů na to, co můžete vyrobit z větví, šišek a kůry - Prož
Dekorace z lesa? Šest tipů na to, co můžete vyrobit z větví, šišek a kůry - Proženy
Herbstdeko für draussen selber machen.
some candles are sitting on a tray with pine cones and purple flowers in the center
Hallo September! - meine Herbstdeko - Mosauerin - Landleben im Innviertel
some pine cones are stacked on top of each other in front of a house with potted plants
Auf den Baumstamm gekommen - ein DIY und noch viel mehr.
three candles are lit in an old barrel with moss and flowers around it on the ground
The Bohemian Autumn Home: Rich Color & Warm Light
an arrangement of apples and berries in a pot on a wooden table with green leaves
50+ Fabulous Fall Centerpieces
a vase filled with berries and greenery on top of a wooden table next to leaves
Mein schönes Land: Rezepte, Garten & Kreatives