Wood Sculpture by James McNabb http://www.fastcoexist.com/1681441/check-out-these-breathtaking-urban-landscapes-made-out-of-wood-scraps#1

Check Out These Breathtaking Urban Landscapes Made Out Of Wood Scraps

Regardt van der Meueln The Deconstructed Series

South African artist Regardt van der Meulen delivers his series ‘Deconstructed’ made out of steel. The series exist of a group of fragmented, sci-fi-like sculptures of human shapes


Stargate Fountain in Como, Cesare Cattaneo and Marco Radice, designed in built in 1960

Sculpture | Art | Fragmentation

Lesley Hilling is a British artist who makes sculptural collages from a wide range of recycled materials

DAWN light series | Studio Sabine Marcelis

At the 2015 Design Miami show, Belgium's Victor Hunt gallery will be exhibiting a brand new edition of Sabine Marcelis's cast resin and neon lamps.