Korálková výšivka

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a hand holding a brooch with a bird on it's head and beads
a pair of yellow and white beaded earrings with sunflowers on the inside
an embroidered heart with flowers and hearts on it, in the shape of a bird
Polonais motif floral broderie populaire
an embroidered design with flowers and leaves
Hafty kaszubskie
a bouquet of flowers with leaves and berries on a white background in the style of embroidery
Kalocsai Embroidery - Hungarian Round Floral Folk Pattern Stock Illustration - Illustration of design, greeting: 50647809
an embroidered border with flowers and birds on white background, in the shape of a crown
Bird, South Moravian ornament,
three pieces of art made out of bead and sequins on a table
the letter c is decorated with flowers and leaves
Kalocsa Folk Pattern by mosomacilany on DeviantArt