Pepino Voldřich

Pepino Voldřich

Pepino Voldřich
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DIY bracelet

Hemp & Pearl Bracelet: Just use four or five strings of hemp, and tie a knot, then add on the beads to the loose ends and tie another knot. At each end tie the hemp strands to a clasp. Make sure to use enough hemp though.

Milomade Button Bracelets

These button charm bracelets are so easy to make! From your local craft store, purchase jewelry chain, individual links, a clasp, and buttons! Use a pair of pliers to close links.

Pearl and Leather Sterling Silver Lariat Necklace - Pearl and Leather Jewelry Collection

Leather and Pearl Jewelry Necklace - Brown Peacock 3 Strand Pearl and Leather Necklace - Pearl and Leather Jewelry Collection