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This is what I have been saying needs to happen

We need an administration that supports our laws not politicians. ~ Trump 2016 ~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

That's how Texas works, and they have the lowest crime rate in America. Chigaco has the strictest gun control laws, and has the highest crime rate in America.

Sorry about the profanity but it is very true , and it's not racist , it's just…

of blacks are killed by other blacks. Don't forget, white people fought for the black slaves' freedom. Also, I don't lie the s-word but the rest just made too much sense to ignore.

Women, Guns and Sexual Abuse | OBAMA CARTOONS

First of all, democrats aren't trying to take away our second amendment. They're trying to control gun violence and that means no selling guns to random people without questions asked. Donald wants absolute amendment and that is unrealistic because t