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More ideas from Peppo | lavery, sir john - Violet and Gold (L'Entente Cordiale) | Sir John Lavery 1856-1941 Ierland

Sir John Lavery: Violet and Gold (L'Entente Cordiale), (Irish .although Irish, Lavery spent much of his formative life and career in Scotland and was a central figure of The Glasgow Boys.

One of a number of works Velasquez produced (in1650) in order to get his hand in before tackling the Pope, this miraculous portrait of Juan de Pereja (detail) was displayed in the Pantheon where 'it gained such universal applause that in the opinion of all the painters... everything else seemed like painting but this alone like truth'.

Juan de Pareja (detail) by Velasquez. De Pareja was a slave who became Velazquez's highly-valued assistant. After his return from Rome in 1653 Velazquez granted de Pareja his freedom. One wonders how many other slaves were not so lucky.

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