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several potted plants hanging from the side of a window sill on a balcony
Outdoor and Garden Projects
Green Privacy Screen Could your patio use more privacy? Chantal and Ryan of The Horticult created a solution by hanging rows of simple terra-cotta pots from above to form a vertical garden that doubles as a screen. You'll also gain valuable real estate by lifting your plants off the floor, making this a smart solution for small spaces.
four pictures of different types of flowers and plants
Polanter Vertical Gardening System [video]
Vertikal garden
a planter filled with succulents on top of a porch
Gartendekoration selber machen
Gartendekoration selber machen - garten dekoration selber machen gebrochenes blumentopf
four pictures showing different stages of growing plants in pots with hands on top of them
Mit diesen 12 Ideen lernt man Kinder sich fürs Gärtnern zu begeistern!
Manchmal muss man es Kinder anschaulich und schmackhaft machen sich für bestimmte Sachen zu interessieren. Gartenarbeit, die meisten Kinder lieben es, aber es gibt auch Kinder, die es überhaupt nicht mögen. Mit diesen grünen Ideen wird es aufregen...
several potted flowers are stacked on top of each other in front of a house
13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks
#8. Create a masterpiece simply by stacking pots. -- 13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks
there are many different pictures of jeans and flowers
Rita Baller
Rita Baller
several pictures of various plants and tools in the process of growing tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, and other vegetables
Creative DIY Ideas for Growing Strawberries On Small Garden or Yard
Grow sweet strawberry in a vertical PVC tube is great solution for small garden or yard. Vertical planter will save you a lot of space, at the same time keep plants out of reach from garden insect pests.
three metal planters filled with plants on top of a blackboard sign that says basil and herbs
25 Cool DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas
gutters repurposed for herbs in the kitchen, Cool DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas,,
an image of green bottles with plants growing out of them and in the bottom right hand corner
DIY-hanging garden from old soda bottles. Recycle and Garden at the same time.
several clay pots are stacked on top of each other in the middle of a garden
Photo Storage
Saw something like this @ Home Depot. All you need are the pots and a metal rod to hold the pots together.
three tiered planters with flowers in them and numbers on the bottom one side
Flower Tower
a potted plant sitting on top of a table next to a white teapot
Decore seu Jardim 3
This is so cool. I wonder if copper would mesh too badly with a cake pan I've been saving for planting in, it looks to be as deep as that dish. I have a copper pot, it's a mock gravy dish thing which would work perfectly if I can make a stand for it. Any ideas on what could be turned into a stand to combine the two? MV.