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Adorable puppy! Weimaraners are the best!

Be certain to try out everything your dog is always distracted by. 1 client's dog would visit the proprietor when vacuuming so the proprietor could put on her

This isn't necessarily a bible verse but puppies are a gift from God

puppy Sally, who looked like this pup, was there when Joel and I met for the first time.such a sweet memory!

13 weeks old - weimaraner pup

Why do dogs chew their feet - Consider hypo-allergenic diet to see if helps stop chewing behavior and behavior modification for separation anxiety, etc.

Weimaraner puppy (little frog)

Weimaraner puppy (little frog). My sweet baby Silver use to lay like this (RIP baby girl).

gorgeous weimaraner puppies

Weim Property 2 Photo: This Photo was uploaded by ttokmenko. Find other Weim Property 2 pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free ima.

Otherwise known as the Gray Ghost, the Weimaraner is an exuberant, willful dog. Strong leadership skills and a lot of exercise are needed to keep this dog content. The Weimaraner is another breed that would make an excellent jogging or hiking buddy.

This looks EXACTLY like my neighbors old dog! Sadly she passed about a year ago :( But who can resist that head tilt though in this pic lol :)